Sunday, December 26, 2010

Preston Blair #1

Here's some stuff from Blair that I've done. I'll probably just update this post with more until I get to lesson 2. First attempt at the Dog and I'm pretty happy. Drawing with curves like this is really similar to the random doodles I do in class.

This one is too disproportionate to mark up.
Forehead is small. Snout needs to extend more.
Tongue is resting on lower lip -- needs to fall out.

 I really need to work on my proportions.

My duck was not cute at all. I started messing with the
construction after I got to the detail phase (I knew I was
the rules). Look where that gets me!

These were fun to draw

Second take on a the duck and dog. Getting better!
Got more coming!

First Cartoon Drawing

Got a light table the other day and I'm starting to work on stuff for my capstone. I opened up Blair's book and started to copy a pose -- it took forever but I like it.

After doing this I re-stumbled upon John K's Cartoon College posts and spent about two and a half hours reading random blog posts. It's some really inspiring stuff (

I'm on lesson one right now and I'm copying heads -- also a big pain in the dick. Practice is practice, though.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Figure Drawing I

These are the shittier drawings from Figure Drawing I. I turned in my portfolio and was too lazy to get it back before they threw stuff out -- that was stupid...

I walked in late this day and didn't get to finish
the pose. I like it a lot except for the back leg
from the knee down.

He was not a hobbit. He was on a large stand
and my eye level was about his knee. I had a lot
of trouble with getting perspective right with the
foot. He had a really interesting belly, too.

I think I did a pretty good job with the forms on this one.
The right ass cheek got a little wonky, though.

 look how flat that shoulder is!

 I have a lot of trouble staying on the page
so my teacher told me to focus on a
smaller area for this drawing.